Karongi Kibuye

This is a sleepy laid back town of Kibuye which is also another perfect place in Rwanda where you can relax as well as chill along Lake Kivu. Its scenery is quite dramatic since the lake also displays itself through the coves and bays that seem to be like the watery fingers that are framed by the present color green of Rwanda.

Kibuye is also the most enjoyable town where one can relax and also chill in great comfort, you can take a swim in the lake as you dive from a long walk or you can simply dip your toes into the waters of the Lake Kivu. This town is also not yet on the map of most of the guests to Rwanda since for most of them, their visit to Rwanda is about gorilla trekking, but now this is changing and in future, even Kibuye will have more and more visitors that come to enjoy the shores of Lake Kivu.

kibuye beachThe lodging choices thrive in budget and moderate which makes it so affordable and the lodges also provide from basic to more intricate rooms for you. The food will be of Rwandan food even though international cuisines are also available.

Kibuye town is also a good place to relax as well as chilling out, it’s an area that is well connected to the genocide of Rwanda and one can visit two of Rwanda’s sacred places, that is the Genocide memorial church and the Hill of residence Memorial, this was a place in the hills where some decided to take a last stand.