Cyanungu Rusizi

Cyanungu –Rusizi

Cyanungu is also called the least frequented area along Lake Kivu by the guests to Rwanda on any safari, one of the reason would also be its geographical location and the fact that there are fewer lodges as well as hotels to choose from along Lake Kivu. The new hotel is Emeraude Kivu resort that overlooks the lake and is so refreshing in addition. You can also add on Cyanungu which is along Lake Kivu after you visit and stay within Nyungwe Forest and it will take you a short drive time.


You can as well take a boat ride on the scenic Lake Kivu and proceed to the Island bounding to Gihaya and Nkombo Islands, the nature walks that include some attractive surrounding area that will interest you. Ruzizi is also a river which exits out of Lake Kivu and has got may possibilities most especially if you like hiking. You can also visit the hot springs and then take a warm dip, as you enjoy the local culture and get to know about Rwandans and their country.

The choice here is yours in case you want to stay at any of their lodge and take in the sun shine, be human in the middle of creation on Lake Kivu within Rwanda.