Coffee Tour Kivu

The Coffee Experience tour in Lake Kivu (the Crop to cup coffee experience)

You will also discover some of Africa’s decadent coffee in the Crop to cup coffee experience along Lake Kivu in Rwanda. This tour is also a must do for those that love a good cup of morning Joe. You will follow the coffee creation process from the coffee plantations on an island along Lake Kivu, to enjoying a festive cup at the end of the tour with your lunch.

In case you gain some of the decadent coffee, today will be your day to taste some of Africa’s best Java- Bourbon coffee along the shores of Lake Kivu, and it’s some of the best Arabica beans in the whole world and these are grown here and today you will have the journey that will take you from crop to Cup and you will discover the many processes that are included in the preparation of a cup of the world’s best coffee.

kivu coffeeMany people travel to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas and others only come to discover some of the finest coffee that is only found within the land of a thousand hills and in today’s journey, you will view the whole process of organic, natural brew from crop to cup.

The trip will also begin with a boat cruise from Gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island. You will then get to enjoy the scenic wonders and view the process from crop to cup at first. On the Nyamirundi Island, you will be able to visit the plantation of Rwanda Coopeartive that is called Igoboka which runs many Rwanda families by creating a good life for them and growing a full bodied coffee that is also sought after around the whole world. At this island, you will pick the coffee beans and then proceed to the washing station at Gashashi were the coffee beans are washed in 20 steps. Immediately after, you will be part of the roasting of coffee on an open fire and the final stage will be tasting the coffee.

Have lunch in Gisenyi with Ingoboka coffee Cooperative representatives were you will be able to ask questions about Rwanda‘s finest Coffee that pleasures the people from around the world and also make lots of USD.This crop to cup coffee experience will be one of the highlights of your safari time in Rwanda and you will enjoy the taste of one of Africa’s best coffee in the land of thousand hills.